Cortland Level Trolling Fly Line Extension (150ft)

Cortland Level Trolling Fly Line Extension (150ft)

RIO SlickCast Coastal QuickShooter XP Fly Lines

RIO SlickCast Coldwater Coastal QuickShooter Fly Lines
Weight-Forward, 1.5ips Slow Rate, Full Intermediate Sink

Now improved with SlickCast technology, RIO's Coastal QuickShooter XP was designed specifically for fly anglers plying the seacoast in cooler conditions. More poweful than most, the QuickShooter XP features more weight purposely distributed towards the line's front, helping load fast action rods quickly, while turning over larger baitfish and weighted shrimp/crab patterns with incredible authority and extraordinary ease. With a clear intermediate head that won't spook skittish fish, the exciting new RIO SlickCast Coldwater QuickShooter XP is sure to please.

  • Neat bulletproof loops welded at the ends of the fly line for fast rigging to leader/backing
  • Short, powerful front taper to turnover large flies
  • Supple core and coating that will not tangle in cooler conditions
  • Clear, easy loading head that empowers the cast at close range
  • Dual-Tone color change marks sweet spot for loading/casting/shooting
  • Now built with RIO's exceptionally slick, durable SlickCast coating

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