MFC Small Barred Sexi-Floss

MFC Small Barred Sexi-Floss

Enrico's Puglisi's EP Crustaceous Brush 1.5

Enrico's Puglisi's EP Crustaceous Brush 1.5" (6pk)

MFC Medium Barred Sexi-Floss

MFC Barred Sexi Floss - MEDIUM
by Montana Fly Company

With extraordinary stretch and remarkable durability too, MFC's Barred Spandex Sexi-Floss (aka Spana-Flex, Life-Flex, Flexi-Floss, etc) has proven great for creating ultra-wiggly strike-enticing legs and feelers on bonefish flies, buggy trout nymphs, meaty streamers and more. A popular favorite for winding lifelike ribs and segmented bodies on buzzer midges and worm patterns too, MFC's Barred Sexi-Floss comes already mottled with grizzly black bands for enhanced appeal. Available in a range of popular colors, we offer Montana Fly Company's Barred Sexi-Floss in your choice of two fly tying friendly thicknesses.

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