Rainy's Wiss Scissors with Bodkin

Rainy's Wiss Scissors with Bodkin

Dr Slick 4.00

Dr Slick 4.00" Braid Scissors (Black)

Stonfo Razor Blade Holder/Trimmer Tool

Stonfo Razor Blade Deer Hair Trimming Tool
by Stonfo Tools

Precision engineered for top quality fly tying performance, the Stonfo's innovative Deer Hair Trimming Tool is designed to work with standard double edged razor blades (5 included). Extremely easy to load and use, simply twist the tool's rotating choke nut to adjust the razor blade's bend to your desired curvature, and get to shaving! A must for trimming and sculpting neatly shaped deer hair heads on patterns like the Muddler Minnow, the Mouserat, Zoo Cougars and more, give Stonefo's Razor Deer Hair Trimming Tool a try.
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