Stonfo Razor Blade Holder/Trimmer Tool

Stonfo Razor Blade Holder/Trimmer Tool

Dr Slick 4.00

Dr Slick 4.00" Braid Scissors (Black)

The Jawn Tool Set (3pc)

The Jawn 3-Piece Tool Set
by ProtoJawn

The first fly-tying tool engineered specifically for hollow-fly style reverse-tying techniques, the patent pending Jawn was co-developed with the aid of pros like Bob Popovics to give you ultimate control over your fly tying! With molded flared ends that give you an even consistent distribution of fibers as you push them back without crushing or damaging, the real advantage comes from the Jawn tool's knurled toothy texture inside its flared funnel ends. Equally helpful, the Jawn features a slot which runs the length of tool, allowing you to tie on and around almost any sized jig or bent shank hook. With a flat edged resting face that keeps the tool from rolling off of your tying table too, the Jawn tool gives hollow and reverse style tiers unrivaled command and control over their materials.
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