Dr Slick 4.00

Dr Slick 4.00" Braid Scissors (Black)

Whiting Farms W-100 Hackle Gauge

Whiting Farms W-100 Hackle Gauge

Griffin Supreme Ceramic Tip Bobbin

Griffin Supreme Ceramic Tip Bobbins
by Griffin Enterprises, Inc

Griffin's Supreme Ceramic Bobbin combines the long-lasting durability of a sturdy stainless steel tube, together with a smooth ground and finely polished ceramic tip insert that ensures fly tying threads won't fray or abrade under tension. A true workhorse instrument and an all-around fly tier's favorite, if you could only have one bobbin on your fly tying bench, make it a Griffin Ceramic Tip Supreme.

  • New Black Comfort Grip, Wire Loop Bobbin Threader, and Thread Saver Cap now included!
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