Mustad Heritage S82AP-3906B Fly Hooks (25pk)

Mustad Heritage S82AP-3906B Fly Hooks (25pk)

Mustad Heritage SL73UAP Fly Hooks (25pk)

Mustad Heritage Series SL73UAP Fly Hooks (25-pack)
Single Salmon - Heavy

Opti-Angle Needle Point, 2X Strong, 3X Long, Forged, Looped Ring, Up Eye, TitanX SL73UAP-TX-25H


Since Mustad's humble beginnings as a producer of fish hooks in little Gjovik - Norway back in 1877, fly hooks have stood strong as a key piece of Mustad tradition. Fly fishing demands the highest quality of materials for the most effective flies and Mustad spared no expense with their lastest fly hook range. As the foundation of a fly, it's crucial that Heritage Fly Hooks offer the latest hook technologies. That's why Heritage Fly Hooks have been perfected with Mustad's sharpest, slimmest point yet - the ALPHAPOINT!

Using the same Opti-Angle sharping as ULTRAPOINT but with improved penetration and sharpness, Mustad has also introduced their new TitanX and Titan Steel finishes to the fly tying world. The sleek, gunmetal look, truly consolidates the hardware with the materials of the fly. Both coatings are over 50% more rust-resistant than previous coatings used on Mustad fly hooks. The differences between the finishes lie in the extra matte look of TitanX and slight luster found on Titan Steel finished hooks.

Out with old, in with the new. With the introduction of ALPHAPOINT and new hook coatings, it's only natural that Mustad's previous range of Signature Fly Hooks is phased out. Mustad has taken the proven hook styles of old and applied these technologies as well as welcomed a number of new styles and barbless alternatives too.
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