Dr Slick 5.00

Dr Slick 5.00" Straight Clamps - Gold / Satin

Dr Slick 5.50

Dr Slick 5.50" Mitten Scissor Clamps - Gold/Satin

Dr Slick 5.00" Curved Clamps - Gold / Satin

Dr Slick 5.00 Inch Curved Clamps - Gold / Satin (CC5G)

Designed to perform a myriad of on-the-water tasks like crushing barbs, opening and closing split shot, tying knots, removing hooks from writhing fish (or friends) and much more, Dr Slick's popular precision machined forceps/hemostat style clamps are sturdily constructed and sure to please! Clamp features include:

  • Curved Half Smooth / Half Striated Jaw for superb but versatile grip
  • Pin-In Shank for clearing hook eyes, opening split shot, etc
  • Squeeze closing ratchet lock
  • 410 Japanese stainless steel w/ Rockwell hardness of 42
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