Stone River Outfitters Recycling Program

An innovative twist on traditional consignment, our Stone River Outfitters Recycling Program was designed to help convert your old no longer used or perhaps no longer wanted fly rods, fly reels and other related equipment into credit towards new gear! A fast, fun, easy and 100% commission-free service we happily provide, here's an overview of how this exciting program works.

SRO Recycling Program Consignment Form

Step 1: Enrollment/Pre-Approval
Contact program director Nate Harris with a brief description of the items you'd like to submit. Upon approval, you'll be forwarded a simple Recycling Program Enrollment Form for each item submitted.

Call Toll Free: 1-800-331-8558
Local Phone: 603-472-3191

Step 2: Submit Your Goods
Once completed, carefully package your enrollment form(s) together with your approved item(s) and ship to our store address, with the package clearly marked Attn: Recycling Program! Naturally, we strongly advise using a carrier that provides you both reliable tracking services and insurance for your shipment! Once delivered, we will notify you immediately upon our receipt, confirming your item(s) arrived safely.

SRO Recycling Program eBay Listing!

Step 3: Sit Back, Relax and LET US DO THE WORK!
Once received, your items will undergo a thorough inspection process. Should basic tasks like simple cleaning, re-lubrication or routine maintenance be deemed necessary, our staff will perform them in-house, free of charge. In the rare instance where factory repairs prove needed, you will be contacted and advised of the manufacturer's warranty fees, the related shipping charges, and your consent sought before proceeding.

Once fit for sale, your goods will be professionally photographed from a variety of angles, and detailed description prepared that candidly describes your item's cosmetic and mechanical condition.

Upon completion of the above, your item will be promptly published as an auction-style listing on eBay where it can be immediately viewed and eagerly competed for among a worldwide audience of interested buyers over 3 million strong!

SRO Recycling Program Gift Card

Step 4: Collect Your Credit!
Once sold, we take your auction's winnings and convert them into an immediately usable store credit, conveniently issued to you in the form a Stone River Outfitters Gift Card! Yours to spend as you see fit, with only the applicable eBay and Paypal fees deducted from your earnings, we DO NOT under any circumstance take a personal cut or shop commission from the sale of your goods!

That's it friends... it really is that simple! A fast, fun, easy and 100% commission-free service we happily provide, let our Stone River Outfitters Recycling Program turn your old, used, no longer needed or no longer wanted fly fishing equipment into money towards the latest, newest, freshest gear available today!