Stone River Outfitters Recycling Program

(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Stone River Outfitters Recycling Program?
An innovative consignment-based service that helps you sell your unwanted fly rods, fly reels and other select fly fishing gear in exchange for store credit, all done free of charge!

What kind of fly fishing items do you accept?
The most successful program candidates are lightly-used or like-new condition fly rods, fly reels, and fly tying vises with an original retail value of $125 or more. High quality performance-wear items like waders, boots, vests, and jackets may qualify if still new-with-tags, having never been worn or used.

How much can I expect to get for my item?
The uniquely competitive nature of eBay's auction format listing ensures your item garners the absolute best price possible, guaranteed! While specific cosmetic and mechanical condition will no doubt play a role in the final sale price, rest assured we'll work hard to make certain your item gets seen and noticed by hundreds of potential on-line buyers.

What happens if my item does not sell?
In the rare event that your item does not sell after its first 5 day auction cycle, you will be promptly contacted and asked for guidance. Most often, a quick revision of your item's starting price is all it takes to successfully sell the second time through; but, should a third and final 5 day auction cycle prove necessary, we'll happily oblige.

What happens after the 3rd failed auction cycle?
Should your item fail to sell after the final auction cycle, you will be promptly contacted and return services arranged. Please note, return postage will be the expressed responsibility of you, the original owner.

No shop commission, why's that?
A 100% commission free service we happily provide, we know our reward for the hard work we're providing comes back to us twice-fold in your continued loyal support!

What are the eBay and Paypal fees you mention, and how much do they total?
The same as you would pay if you listed your items for sale yourself! The combined eBay and Paypal fees generally average between 10% to 15% of an item's final sale value.

Will you sell my items for cash rather than credit?
No... any and all Recycling Program sales will result in store credit only, conveniently issued to you in the form of Stone River Outfitters Gift Card. Apologies, but we will not consign your items for cash.

Must I use my credit right away or within a certain time frame?
No! While most participants don't wait long to spend their earned credit, Stone River Outfitters Gift Cards do not have an expiration date and can be used for purchasing new fly fishing products both at our store or on the web, whenever you choose do redeem it.

Why not sell it outright on Craig's List or a Forum Board myself? Instead of through your Recycling Program?
Firstly, price! As previously hinted, the uniquely competitive nature of eBay's auction market, together with our professionally designed listings and long-established reputation as a trusted top-rated seller ALL combine to ensure you get absolute top dollar for your used goods!

Secondly, exposure! Viewed by a worldwide audience of prospective buyers over 3 million strong and growing, our years on eBay have earned us a loyal following of repeat bidders who consistently shop our Recycling Program first for previously used fly fishing rods, reels and gear.

Third, we save you time and work! Let's face it, selling used equipment can prove a real hassle, especially for the inexperienced. Detailed photographs, thorough text descriptions, posting item listings across multiple venues, responding to questions, arranging and procuring payment, safely packaging and then shipping... wow! What a chore! But our staff has the knowledge, experience, tools, and desire to do ALL of the above for you, for FREE! So why not let us?

Still have questions that need answering?
Contact program director Nate Harris and let him help! Eager to assist, Nate is happy to answer any and all questions you might have regarding our Recycling Program.

Call Toll Free: 1-800-331-8558
Local Phone: 603-472-3191