Ewing Deceiver Hackle Patches

Ewing Deceiver Hackle Patches

Ewing Woolly Bugger Hackle Packs

Ewing Bugger Packs
by Wapsi Fly, Inc

A superb value indeed, Ewing's Bugger Patches have long proven a popular favorite for wound hackle bodies not only on woolly buggers, but for larger dry flies, salmon bombers and more! With an abundance of long, naturally tapered and plushly barbed feathers, each with thin and supple yet surprisingly strong stems, Ewing's economically priced Wooly Bugger Packs feature enough quality plumage to dress a few dozen patterns with ease.

***Limited availability! Price and supply are subject to change! Other colors may be available via Special Order. Please feel free to call or email for stock status/special order details before ordering!
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