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Wapsi Basic Fly Tying Starter Kit

Wapsi Basic Fly Tying Starter Kit

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Wapsi Basic Fly Tying Starter Kit
by Wapsi Fly, Inc

Everything you need to get started in the world of fly tying, Wapsi's Basic Fly Tying Starter Kit delivers! Built around a solid starter vise with c-clamp base, the Basic Starter Kit comes complete with a full compliment of quality tools, hooks, and materials needed to tie 10 of today's most popular and productive flies. With easy-to-follow instructions guiding tiers through each fly's construction in step-by-step detail, this handsome beginner's ensemble includes the following:

Tying Tools
  • Heavy-Duty Vise w/ C-Clamp Base
  • Tying Bobbin
  • Hackle Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Bodkin/Cement Needle

    Lightning Strike Hooks
  • Dry Fly - sizes 12 and 18
  • Nymph/Wet Fly - sizes 10 and 16
  • Scud/Emerger - sizes 10, 14 and 16
  • Streamer/Nymph - size 8

    Tying Materials include Neck Hackle, Dubbing, Cyclops Beads, Mallard Flank Feathers, Saddle Hackle Feathers, Marabou Feathers, Partridge Soft Hackle Feathers, Pheasant Tail Feather, Peacock Herl, Thin Fly Foam, Chenille, Poly Yarn, Chenille, Lead Wire, Tinsel, Tying Thread and more.

    Featured Fly Patterns include the Wooly Bugger, All Purpose Nymph, San Juan Worm, Stretch Tubing Scud, Foam Beetle, Poly Caddis, Brassie, Bead Head Caddis Larva, Fur Ant and Inch worm.
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