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Getting your fly fishing equipment both to and from the water's edge is only half the battle. Keeping it organized and safely stowed while off the water is equally important. At Stone River Outfitters, we've assembled a wide selection of top-notch gear and tackle bags from the industry's most reputable manufacturers that are certain to help you accomplish both. From storing wet soggy waders and soggy boots for the long car ride home to a more convenient means of packing your arsenal of fly reels, fly boxes, fly lines, leader wheels, tippet spools and more for an airplane ride to a far corner of the angling globe, we've got what it takes to keep you and your equipment protected, organized and always at the ready.

Item #: K-FPB-SWRC-S
Your Price: $22.95

Item #: K-FPB-SR-S
Your Price: $24.95

Item #: K-FPB-SR-L
Your Price: $29.95

Item #: K-FPB-SWRC-M
Your Price: $29.95

Item #: K-FPB-SWRC-L
Your Price: $34.95

Item #: K040350
Your Price: $39.95

Your Price: $59.95

Your Price: $89.95

Item #: K-FPP-LPFS
Your Price: $99.95

Item #: K-FPB-BHKB
Your Price: $159.95

Item #: K-FPB-YWDB
Your Price: $159.95

Item #: K-FPB-TFTK
Your Price: $179.95

Item #: K-FPB-DCRRC-31
Your Price: $179.95

Item #: K-FPB-DCRRC-45
Your Price: $219.95

Item #: K-FPB-CGB
Your Price: $224.95

Item #: K010902
Your Price: $38.00

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