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Fly Tying Materials

At Stone River Outfitters, we take fly tying seriously. Passionate tiers ourselves, the countless hours we've spent laboring behind the vise have taught us that a well-tied fly starts first and foremost with access to the highest quality fly tying materials available. That's why we strive to stock only the finest feathers, furs, hackles, hairs and more, that we can find. As you browse our wide selection, we hope you'll find confidence knowing that we personally tie our own flies using the very same materials we send to you. With our reputation on the line in every fly tying order mailed, we work hard to ensure a consistent level of premium quality in every package we ship. Committed to your complete and total satisfaction with a passion for excellence that we hope shows, when you buy your fly tying materials from Stone River Outfitters, you know you're getting the best.

Beads, Eyes, Cones


Body Tubings & Braids


Cements, Paint, Adhesives




Feathers & Hackle




Natural Hairs & Fur


Synthetic Materials


Thread, Tinsel, Floss


Tube Fly Components


Wires & Ribs


Yarns & Chenilles


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