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Fly Tying Furniture

At Stone River Outfitters, we know how it is to enjoy your fly tying when your workspace is a cluttered, disorganized mess. That's why we've assembled such a wide array of premium grade fly tying benches, desktop lighting systems, magnifiers, spool trays, hook storage boxes, organizers and more. Ourselves avid tiers who spend countless hours behind the vise, we care about the quality of your fly tying experience and we've got what you need to make your time at the tying bench more pleasurable and more productive.

Item #: T300102
Your Price: $60.00

Item #: T300101
Your Price: $85.00

Item #: T14735
Your Price: $3.65

Item #: T171620
Your Price: $4.00

Item #: T171621
Your Price: $5.00

Item #: T-ECO-LED
Your Price: $22.00

Item #: T040119
Your Price: $89.00

Item #: T-DAY-SLD20
Your Price: $100.00

Item #: T-PRO-LT-1
Your Price: $120.00

Item #: T-PRO-LT-2
Your Price: $130.00

Item #: T-TY-WHEEL
Your Price: $150.00

Item #: T04122
Your Price: $285.00

Item #: T170942
Your Price: $7.35

Item #: T170941
Your Price: $7.95

Item #: T040320
Your Price: $9.50

Item #: T040321
Your Price: $13.00

Item #: T040322
Your Price: $17.00

Item #: T170615
Your Price: $45.00

Item #: T080103
Your Price: $128.00

Item #: T040120
Your Price: $80.00

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