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Float Tubes & Gear

Float Tube & Gear

The best-selling brand worldwide, Aire's line of Outcast and Fish Cat Float Tubes incorporate many angler-focused features that place a premium on fishing ease, comfort, and dependable durability. You'll move across the water faster, stay warm and dry and make longer, more accurate casts thanks to the U-boat design, above-the-water seating, and adjustable LCS apron system that aids line control. That means more time on a favorite lake or pond doing what you love! With super-strong and lightweight Vinyl/Urethane bladders that feature excellent stretch to help resist punctures, all Outcast and Fish Cat Float Tubes feature ample cargo pockets for conveniently keeping gear close at hand, and are backed by Aire's 5-year limited warranty with superb customer service.

Item #: K0501-FC4
Your Price: $229.00

Item #: K0501-FC5
Your Price: $299.00

Item #: K0502-FC
Your Price: $379.00

Item #: K0502-SFC
Your Price: $449.00

Item #: K0502-PRW
Your Price: $589.00

Item #: K0503-PECO
Your Price: $19.00

Item #: K0503-BPS
Your Price: $25.00

Item #: K0503-OKF
Your Price: $39.00

Item #: K0503-PDAH
Your Price: $39.00

Item #: K0503-FTRM
Your Price: $44.00

Item #: K0503-FTBB
Your Price: $75.00

Item #: K0503-FTRR
Your Price: $89.00

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