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Brooch Pin Hooks

Locally handcrafted with a jeweler's care by a long time shop-friend, our Stone River Outfitters exclusive Fly Hook Brooch Pins are uniquely designed around a post-and-button style clasp. With no annoying "safety-pin" swing arm to get in the way of tying, these classy brooches come tipped with sterling balls (each carefully dipped in a clear anti-tarnish lacquer) that ensure your finished fly won't hook or harm your intended wearer. Available in a variety of popular hook models to suit a range of tying needs, our in-stock supply of exclusive Stone River Outfitters Fly Hook Brooches goes quickly once the holiday season approaches, so plan accordingly.

Item #: H-A040806
Your Price: $6.25

Item #: H-A040805
Your Price: $6.75

Item #: H-A040803
Your Price: $7.00

Item #: H-A040807
Your Price: $7.00

Item #: H-A040801
Your Price: $7.75

Item #: H-A040802
Your Price: $7.75

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